Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Making phonics fun ( Maureen Howah)

Letters and sounds – “Bang game”

Objective : grapheme recognition and word building
Estimated Time
12 minutes
• letters and ‘bang’ flash cards
1. Print and cut up flash cards. Print enough for two groups (depending on the numbers of teachers.)
2. Put all cards in a bag/paper bag and pass around to the teachers in their groups.
3. Teachers to pick a card and sound the grapheme. If correct they keep it.
4. They have to shout 'bang' if they pick the 'bang' card and put all their letters back into the bag. They keep the bang card.
5. Game is over when all the cards have been read. The winner is the one who has the most letters. 
6. As an extension, have the teachers make a word with their letters and sound the phonemes and read the word.
7. They then work in their groups and make more words. The winner is the one who can make the most 'real' words. (Make the game really pacey.)

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