Monday, 21 November 2011

Children’s song of letter pronunciation字母读音儿歌

A little ant
A, a, it's for ant. It's a little ant. Ant, ant, a little ant. It's working hard.

A bottle of beer
B, b, it’s for beer. Here’s a bottle of beer. Beer, beer, a bottle of beer. Dad likes it very much.

A big cinema
C, c, it’s for cinema.a big cinema. Cinema, cinema, a big cinema. Let’s go to the cinema.

My Dad
D, d, it’s for Dad. This is my Dad. Dad, dad, my dad. I love my dad very much.

My eyes
E, e, it’s for eye. I have two eyes. Eyes, eyes, my eyes. The world is in my eyes.

A nice fish
F, f, it's for fish. It's a nice fish. Fish, fish, a nice fish. It's swimming in the pool.

A white goat
G, g, it's for goat. It's a white goat. Goat, goat, a white goat. It's eating grass in the field.

A big hamburger
H, h, it’s for hamburger. It’s a big hamburger. Hamburger, hamburger, a big hamburger. I like eating the hamburger.

A yummy ice-cream
I, i, it’s for ice-cream. It’s a yummy ice-cream. Ice-cream, ice-cream, a yummy ice-cream. We like the ice-cream.

A new jacket
J, j, it’s for jacket. It’s a new jacket. Jacket, jacket, a new jacket. I’m wearing the new jacket.

A beautiful kite
K, k, it's for kite. It's a beautiful kite. Kite, kite, a beautiful kite. It's flying in the sky

Mummy loves me
L, l, it’s for love. Mummy loves me. Love, love, mummy loves me. I love my mummy too.

A bright moon
M, m, it's for moon. It's a bright moon. Moon, moon, a bright moon. I want to fly to the moon.

A bowl of noodle
N, n, it’s for noodle. Here’s a bowl of noodle. Noodle, noodle, a bowl of noodle. I like eating the noodle.

A big orange
O, o, it’s for orange. It’s a big orange. Orange, orange, a big orange. It’s sweet and juicy.

My piano
P, p, it’s for piano. It’s my piano. Piano, piano, my piano. I can play the piano.

A beautiful queen
Q, q, it’s for queen. It’s a beautiful queen. Queen, queen, a beautiful queen. I want to be the queen.

A sitting-room
R, r, it’s for room. It’s a sitting-room. Room, room, a sitting-room. My daddy is in the sitting-room.

Our new school
S, s, it’s for school. It’s our new school. School, school, our new school. Welcome to our school.

A good teacher
T, t, it’s for teacher. This is a good teacher. Teacher, teacher, a good teacher. The teacher teaches us very well.

My uncle
U, u, it’s for uncle. This is my uncle. Uncle, uncle, my uncle. He’s very humor.

A new violin
V, v, it’s for violin. It’s a new violin. Violin, violin, a new violin. Can you play the violin?

A magic window
W, w, it’s for window. It’s a magic window. Window, window, a magic window. It’s the magician’s window.

A X-ray room
X, x, it’s for X-ray. Here’s an X-ray room. X-ray, X-ray, X-ray room. The doctor is in the X-ray room.

A yellow banana
Y, y, it’s for yellow. It’s a yellow banana. Yellow, yellow, a yellow banana. I’m eating the yellow banana.

A big zoo
Z, z, it’s for zoo. It’s a big zoo. Zoo, zoo, a big zoo. Let’s go to the zoo.

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