Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Making phonics fun ( Maureen Howah)

Phoneme Bingo.

Objective : Using bingo cards to practice and listen for phonemes students have already learnt.
Estimated Time : 12 minutes
• Bingo cards and blank A 4 paper
Set of CVC words
1.First explain that students should be given ready prepared cards. However, the participants will make their own.
2. Explain that the game is like bingo. Students get a card with 4 boxes each containing a CVC word that the students have learnt, e.g. sat/ pop/ map/ cot.
There should be 4 sets per game, so that not everyone has the same card.
3. Give each teacher half of an A4 sheet blank paper.
4. Have teachers fold paper into halves and continue folding into halves till they get a set of 16 boxes.
5. Write the following sets of words on the WB:
cot, map, sat, pop
cat, got, mop, gas
pot, top, cap, mat
cog, pat, sat, map
6. Have teachers copy down in any order one of the sets into 4 sets of frames/boxes till all the sets are completed.
7. Call out individual phonemes, e.g. s, o, p, etc.
8. Teachers to search for phonemes, trace over them and say the sound.
9. Write each phoneme on the board, i.e. this allows teachers (students) who are not fully sure of the grapheme sound correspondence to learn/participate.
10. When someone’s card is full, they shout bingo!
11. Point out that this can be done at a higher level whereby the teacher calls out the words, students search for the word, trace the phonemes saying each one and then the word.

Finally, ask teachers to consider how they can integrate these activities into their classroom. Which ones?
Reflect and discuss how this activity may benefit your students.
How would you present these activities to your students? (8 mins)

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