Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Making phonics fun ( Maureen Howah)

Name Match—Activity

Children's names are an excellent source of examples for initial activities. The Name Match can be used in circle time or outside, with a group large enough to include a wide variety of examples, or with a small group (chosen by the teacher in advance) to practice only a few phonemes.
To provide children with practice in identifying initial sounds in words which are meaningful to each child.
Estimated Time
15 minutes
• List of teachers’ first names, organized by phonemes
1. Create a list with the names of your teachers and the phoneme that represents the first sound in his or her name.
2. Have one teacher stand in front of the group. Ask the teacher if he or she sees someone else whose name begins with the same sound. If the teacher is correct, have the other person stand. If not, ask if anyone else in the group has a name that begins with the same sound.
3. When a match is made, have those teachers sit together, and ask another teacher to come forward. Continue matching names until all teachers whose names have the same initial phonemes are sitting together.
4. If some teachers have names with initial phonemes that do not match those of anyone else in the class, see if he or she can find an object or a picture in the room whose name has the same initial sound.
5. If anyone still doesn't have a match, ask the teacher if they know anyone with a matching name or have them make up a name that would match.
6. Have teacher s figure out the number of initial sounds that are represented by their names by counting the number of groups that were formed.
7. Teachers then work individually (or in pairs). Have them choose one of their classes and create a similar list (2 to 3) of name match of the initial sounds of their students. They then share to the group.

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