Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Making phonics fun ( Maureen Howah)


Objective: Using a simple rhyming string or alliteration to teach phonic
Estimated Time
15 minutes
• pen, paper, course books and internet access
1. Have teachers listen to first three ( A to C ) alphabets of the song “Ants on the apple”
or teach song to the tune of  “skip to my lou tune “.

Ants on the apple, /a/, /a/, /a/ .
Ants on the apple, /a/, /a/, /a/ .
Ants on the apple, /a/, /a/, /a/ .
/a/ is the sound of A

2. Pair up teachers and have them make up chants or alliteration using their partner’s first name.
Eg.  Siti sits silently /s/, /s/, /s/
       Siti sits silently /s/, /s/, /s/
     Siti sits silently /s/, /s/, /s/
     /s/ is the sound of S.
3. Have teachers work on their own chants. They must not let their partner see their work.
4. Ask partners to predict the last word of each other’s chant. They then share their written chants.
5. Have one teacher sings and the other partner makes appropriate actions (using jolly phonics or other actions they are familiar with).
6. Have teachers sit in a circle and have each sing/share their chants with the class.
6. Tell teacher they can adapt to any context eg. instead of using children’s names they can use course books eg. (from Yr 1 book, p. 14 - Listening) phoneme /m/
“mop on a mat” /m/,/m/,/m/
/m/ is the sound of M
Or change the words to suit the lesson.

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