Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Making phonics fun ( Maureen Howah)

Letters, sounds and picture matching relay games

Objective : to recognise letter shapes and letter groups and say the sounds
Estimated Time
15 minutes
Letters, sounds and picture matching cards
1. Cut up 2 sets of matching pictures. Keep teacher’s clues
2.  Place picture cards and letters cards at the end of a playing field but in different piles.
3. Divide the class into two teams and line them up single
file at the starting line.
4. Read the first clue and the first sound of the word.
5. Have the first teacher in each team run to the object piles, find the correct matching cards and take them to you or to the end of the line.
6. The first team who gets the matching card correct, wins a point.
7. Each team member takes a turn, then sits down when he or she
returns to the end of the line.
8. The team with the most points win the race.
9. When the relay is finished, have teachers share their choices.
(Note: As an extension (or time permits), teachers could ask the students to say all the sounds in each word eg./s//n/ai/k/)

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